Visiting Our Beautiful City Of Edinburgh

There are lots of special things to do in Edinburgh and it doesn't always need to cost the earth so to speak.  Why not take advantage of something we offer our guests for free.  No other City has an extinct Volcano in its limits so climbing Arthur Seat the tallest of Edinburgh"s 7 hills is an essential activity for anyone visiting the City.  As well as an aerobic workout, a trip to our Dynamic Earth is worth the spend as it has all the useful information on how the landmark was formed.

Enlighting education!!!

Number one Tourist attraction in Edinburgh.  Arthur’s Seat s visible from all over the city hovering 280metres above Edinburgh.

After exploring Arthur Seat why not visit one of our few historic pubs mainly the Sheeps Heid Inn, Good food good beer and good cheer amongst real Scottish locals.  Inspector Reebus fans will know their gruff hero drinks here as does occassionally his creator and famous writer Ian Rankin.   Recommended apartment next door to get a real taste of all this beauty

Posted by Evelyn Jamieson

Picture Gallery: Arthur's Seat and a reflection in a puddle by reader John Thain 

Arthur Seat Edinburgh