Evelyn 's Edinburgh Festival Coverage so far.

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We have about 10 days of the Edinburgh Festival left and it has been absolutely amazing.

More so because I have been interacting with so many incredibly talented people from all over the world.

I have seen 11 shows so far and managed to interview these talented actors so that you can see them first hand.  

  Here are the shows I recommned to go see for the last week of our exciting Edinburgh Fringe / Festival  Click 'MORE' after you watch the youtube videos for 'MY REVIEW'.

Also we still have some availability left if you are looking to come to visit one of the biggest Festivals in the world right here in Edinburgh.  We have it all.  Let us look after you. 


We are approachable and friendly.  See for yourself.  Click on the links. 

The Lady Boys of Bankok

Trainspotting Live - Interviewing the lovely Grant Ross who plays Renton. 

Double Feature - Interviewing not other than these two lovelies, so funny Grant Stott and Andy Gray

My interview with

'Doris,Dolly and the Dressing room Divas

Absolute pleasure to meet Gail Watson, Clare Waugh, Helen Mcalpine



Loved this show  These girls are just amazing.

Here I am interviewing Andrea Bolger and Niamh Moroney.


Such a laugh interviewing London Hughes Superstar.  Go see it 


Thats life on Lisgar with the beautiful Kayla Subica

My very first interview in the Festival 'My Pet my Love' Rob Gaetano'


Hope that helps.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about this amazing Edinbrgh Fringe Festival or our apartments in the the City Centre.


I am having the time of my life in my own City.  Born and bread in Edinburgh I love it but even more in August as we get the chance to join in with all the excitiemnet.  

So far I have met so many lovely people who are staying with us in our City Centre apartments.  Edbook apartments so far have already welcomed over 2,000 guests to stay with us from mid July. 


Take care