"Say hello to me here in Edinburgh"


Edinburgh is preparing itslef for 50,000 performers coming to Edinburgh to present 3,000 shows across 300 venues around Edinburgh for the Einburgh and Festival Fringe.  


It is this special time when people come from all over the world and share the buzz.

Here I am enjoying a nice quiet night at the Jazz Festival on until the end of July.  


This is amazing and lots of room to manouvre around the bars and excellent restaurants.  

However in only 10 days you will be amongst crowds of very happy people coming to Edinburgh to watch some of the most entertaining shows.  


Our bars will be open even later than usual and George Street will be a complete arena for decking, canopies, lighting and heatres outside to welcome you here.  With that in mind think of this one street then consider the other streets in Edinburgh where the shows will take place .


 For example the Royal Mile, Mound , Grassmarket, High Street and George the 4th Bridge is going to be electrifying.  Not to mention the Meadows, The Pleasance, Princess Street and the West End and even the Leith Shore will be AWESOME for sure.  


You are just going to be spoilt for choice.  At least I will be watching the shows and recommending therefore I can push you in the right direction.


We are shown availability for one night stays in 2 apartments which sleep up to 14 guests but I urge you to be fast as they are select and will be grabbed.  


"If youre not fast youre last" as they say.  Sounds cruel but true.  Do not miss out I would hate that.  However we have taken on a new house to fit the demand and that sleeps 10

Let me know what your thoughts are on my presentation skills as this is a real passion of mine and I want to improve myself on this exciting  journey.   I am positive I do need a voice coach as my natural Scottish tone along with my high pitch seems very broad.  Although this could be just me cringing when I hear myself.  


I am sure we are all the same.  Slightly over critical of ourselves. If you are struggling to understand me then please just ask too.  Practice makes perfect.  Welcome to the website and happy browsing.  Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you make the best choices when you come to stay with us or just visit us here in Edinurgh.