"The Edinburgh Festival is almost upon us"

 DSCF1291"Be sure to get as excited as I do for August this year because it is the time when 

Edinburgh comes so much more alive.  !!!

George Street becomes busier than usual with restaurants taking their tables out onto the Decking and bars all set up around the Assembly Rooms offering an explosion of energy.  Sitting outside on George street on a nice sunny day with the shades on simply could not be better.  Even the wine tastes better in this atmosphere" Trust me I know !!

 It goes without saying if you have not visited us here in Edinburgh then I urge you to make it a definite choice. 

 However if you are booked I bet you are looking forward to visiting us here in Edinburgh's City Centre during the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe or for the Military tattoo or even the Edinburgh book festival.

We still have availability left for some of our large group / family apartments' but we urge you to be quick.

Do not miss out this year as it is so exciting. Just check me here presenting some Edinburgh Festival clips.

Awesome chat is an extention of Edbook apartments' and a passion of mine as a TV Presenter. I am on face book live every Wednesday evening at 8pm please say hi. The aim is to chat and have a bit of fun doing so. Lets see what it leads to.  I'm all for adventure and would really love you to succeed in yours too.

Therefore if you are needing help promoting any of your shows in the Edinburgh Festival but you are on a low budget then I would be delighted to help out. In the meantime check out our new apartment here which sleeps up to 8 guests and in a prime location for all the exciting venues during the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe.

Please get in touch with Elaine if you require a long stay so that she can consider your discount

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or myself on

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will be delighted to help you. Rest assured all our apartments' are in the City Centre and the new one is best located for the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe boasting the Meadows, Brunstsfield Links, Morningside, Marchmont and Merchiston. But here is the real delight of staying only 15 minutes from the City Centre and in amongst all the best Creative shows on offer you are actually sitting on Blackford Hills and the Braids and a view of Edinburgh Castle from the rear end of this amazing garden. It is such an #Awesome house and we look forward to weloming you here to stay with us.

Kind regards

Evelyn Jamieson

(Director Edbook Apartments)