Catering for the Larger Groups

Hen Party!!!! Stag Party !!!!! Large Group parties!!!!! Same Sex Parties always seem to get everyone scared.  Feel unloved?  No need we can help!!

Bars won't always let the full group in, some restaurants won't allow it and trying to get accomodation can be an absolute nightmare.  

We are happy to help responsible adults looking to have nice clean fun in Edinburgh.  We have a range of large apartments in Edinburgh City Centre to suit all budgets.  Hen Parties, stag parties and large group parties needn't be as difficult to organise now with Edbook helping. 

We manage these apartments very well and if you are responsible adults we are happy to have you on board!!  We can provide excellent value for money in these residential large apartments but we must never forget that we are not there to noise up neighbors or surrounding businesses.

Our motto is "there is nothing wrong with having good clean fun as long as we don't upset anyone"

Our promise to you is that we will talk you through a plan of action and follow it up step by step by email so you are relaxed.

Accomodation is the first thing to get organised.  Here are the large apartments to choose from.


Okay now that we have the apartment booked we can now decide what you would like to do when you are in Edinburgh.  We have had so much feedback from previous guests' telling us all about the fun they had when they visited us here in our beautiful City.

We will tailor it to suit your requirements.  We prefer to do a package that you have creativelly thought about yourselves but we understand the importance of how vital it is for everything to run smooth.  And this is why we want to help organise your group party to go well.

The bride or the groom is looking to be suprised at how much effort their best maid or best man has put into organising these events!!!

So  if that is what they want we will go the extra mile to ensure you are all happy and stress free. And you will get the praise for doing a wonderful job in the wedding speech.

As I live in Edinburgh I think it makes sense me  personally talking to the right people....   I am guided by what you want and will ensure it happens for you realistically.

There!!!! now the pressure is already off you. 

Just give me some ideas of what you want me to help you with and I will get the best deals for you.  Once you arrive in Edinburgh You will simply quote my name Evelyn from Edbook to ensure your admittance into the venues we plan.  

That way the full group need not worry about splitting up.  It is very exciting staying in Edinburgh but the planning has to be right.  If you are planning something at home most of us would want to visit the place and personally talk to someone there.  Remember this is a week end you want to remember for being good.  Large groups can be difficult to keep occupied and keep all together.


Some ideas: For the hen party  Friday arrival.  Hens pyjamma party with our buffet or take away pizza, little fiz, beauty treatments and maybe bridesmaids film.  Good clean fun and having laughs amongst pals.

                    Saturday Ghost tours with cocktails, nice restaurant booked, cocktail making, various pubs.  We can arrange limos depending if required and reserve tables in bars with DJ set up.  We have girls who can pin up your hair and apply eyelashes or any other service you require.  It's nice being pampered before you go out.  The conversation can still continue whilst someone else works on the locks and the look you want to party in Edinburgh.

Karaoke room with cocktails.  This is where you all have your very own private stage for a few hours and simply buzz the waiter to give you private drinks service.  Good fun even if you can't sing it's a laugh.  Trust me I can't sing but been known to hogg the mic once i've had a few.

Spa days available.  

Sunday for either large groups, stag or hen - Walk around Arthur Seat to clear the head, (weather permitting) lunch at sheeps heed or shopping in Edinburghs George Street or Princess Street then lunch in the beautiful Dome bar, Le'monde or Tigerlilly.

Particuilarly For the Stag party!!! Arrival buffet, beer, restaurant booked and few bars in the City.

Saturday - Paintballing, Go Karting or Ghost tours with cocktails.  Lap dancing bars seems to be a real favourite then nice restaurant booked on your behalf.  Club admittance and nightclub pre organised.


And if I have left anything out then please help me help you.


At your service Evelyn (Edbook Apartments)



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