Hope you are having a nice day.  Edinburgh is rather sunny at the moment.  I have been doing face book live videos and the aim was to show Edinburgh and our large group apartments.  This chat here is where I am expressing my wished to find new apartments for our guests' because we can no longer fit the demand.  Our apartments are doing very well.  We accomodate families, small groups, large groups and coupes or reunions.  This aparmtment here is located just at the back of the Playhouse Theatre. It is minutes away and down the lane beside the Theatre Royal Bar.  You can walk into the City Centre within 8-10 minutes.  There is so much space here too.  It is on 3 floors and has a little garden are.  



Here I am talking about our lovely large apartment located in Frederick Street Edinburgh.  A stone throw away from everything Edinburgh has to offer.  I stayed here on Hogmany last year because my partner was here from France and we had a clear view of the fireworks display over Edinburgh Castle.  We were also so spoilt for choices of bars open without having to buy tickets and good old Fingers Piano bar which was open until 5am where everyone was dancing and singing into the small hours of New Years day.  Talking of which Christmas and New Year iin Edinburgh is not only fantastic but all throughout the year we offer our guests these large apartments because we know they have such full on itinery of events to see in Edinburgh.  During the Festival this apartment is so poular because of its location and size.  The military tatoo hosts 1.8 million people in August and the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe brings 3.5 million visitors.  We also have a very exciting Edinburgh book festival where we are bound to be mingling in the bars with the Authors at a very late hours.  Well at least we know if we toddle into Fingers piano bar for that late night drink that we are just next door.  Keep smiling at the thought.  Trust me I have done this and it sure is fun.  Meet our lovely Jangus the piano man.



If you want to come to Edinburgh to visit us but not sure then maybe me on this programme coud help sway your decision.  Not only do we have very nice apartlments in the City Centre and Edinburgh's New Town that we are very proud off.  We are also very proud of Edinburgh.  It is for this reason I Evelyn will be standing in a different location in Edinburgh every night on Face Book Live @7pm

Simply click here and join me then interact with me.  Ask me any questions during or after the live programme.  By doing this you get the chance to meet the person who can help you and also get to know me before you arrive in Edinburgh.


Go on say hi.



Hi everyone I hope you are well.  I have been doing some videos in Edinburgh which I would like to share with you.

I hope I can be of any assistance with regards to you thinking of having a holiday in Edinburgh.  Elaine and I both take pride in helping people make the right choices.  We offer a selection of apartments to suit all.  You may be a couple, a family or a large group looking to see Edinburgh or return to us.  Whatever this may be we welcome you with open arms.  I have put together some videos showing Edinburgh off.  The first video here shows Evelyn standing hearing the Audio from Hollyrood Palace where our lovely 'Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attends frequently.  You will also see the location of it as opposite Edinburgh Parliament. This another fine tourist attraction.  If you are a group wanting to come to Edinburgh for a Stag or hen week end please contact us.  We welcome responsible guests' who realise that they will get excellent value for money but that they appreciate we do want these gorgeos New Town and City centre apartments being used as Party Flats.  We want them to have a wealth of experience in sharing these home from homes and know that they are very much residential ands we care verhy much for our lovely neighbours.  The apartments themselves are huge big self contained houses which have ample mspace for all guests to be comfortable.  Each large groups stays can accomodate up to 14 guests'  we hope you enjoy the video.


After a very long week we are delighted to say that we took our very first booking in this large apartment.  The Grand traditional old house sits on prime location opposite the Queen Street Gardens and above is the antique shop which has so many gorgeous pieces .  The apartment itself shares many fine unique features with the benefit of some really modern touches.  According to our market we know that large groups come to Edinburgh and wish to stay in these fine period houses but want to share the costs.  We therefore provide many beds to accomodate up to 14 guests in one go.

We have kept the style pretty much the same as our other large apartments but with some new fine touches.  The 50 shades room was replicated for the fun and excitiement it creates.  We love the New York room too and this time it is even more spacious sleeping 5 in one room.  50 Shades sleeps 6 or 7 in one go but we have also taken into considration that as much as our market will be mainly large groups we do not want to rule out families or couples hence our family room and a double bed incorported withnin the 50 room.  

The dining room offers 2 tables which can  comfortably sit 14 guests at one setting.  The little bar is a fine piece and a little fun.  The modern and old features work very well in that they show a good combination of sophistication and fun.  I use the word 'FUN' often as this is what we want our guests' to do when they stay with us.

We consider ourselvelves to be open and friendly and although we offer these large apartments the messege has always been clear.  

"The apartments are not Party Flats but they provide affordable acomdation for you to have the party outside.  And of course when  the party is over you are only a stones throw away to fall back into bed."

Ah !!! I forgot to mention the jacuzzi.  This is worth a visit.  Trust me it is nice but do not fill it up too much with bubbles or like me you will be lathered up from head to toe.


We are just so excited to welcome you hear where you can also experience the choice of some fantastic bars next door.  My very own favourite is Fingers Piano bar which in itself is an instutuion and very much worth a visit not just during the Festival time when it is open until 5.am but every Saturday night. You can skip the queue too if you ask for Evelyn.  OMG surely I am not that much of a regular.  !!


See for yourself.