We had fun last night chatting FB live! People have been asking me why I am doing all this? Well the answer lies inside us. Here I am telling you my story. Dont you just love a good story? Remember to like and subscribe to Totally Evelyn. Iam sure its gooing to be a hit. I believe in me and thats a good start! But I also believe in helping you live your life to the fullest and be who you want to be!


Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to introduce my very new youtube channel, Totally Evelyn! This is me coming out of my comfort zone, having fun and being myself. I hope you enjoy it!


I am a 53 year old independent lady whos worked hard their entire life and and for the first time in my life i am at a stage where im loving me; try it. It feels good to love yourself. Put yourself first for a change (of course within reason). If you want to wear it, wear it and wear it well... I am being bold with colours, fashion and quite frankly expressing myself in a much more confident way. Its never too late your way in life and chase your dreams! You are not too old. I am living proof, so now i am off to find my dream job of being a TV presenter!





It is getting ever so closer to Christmas and George street has already started decorating for this years Winter Wonderland. 6 weeks of festive fun starts on the 17th of November!

edinburgh xmas

Every year Edinburgh's Christmas has so much to offer and this year is no different! There are various shows performing for all the family including- La Clique Noël, The Arabian Nights and Cinderella. There are also plenty of free events running. The markets on George Street and East Princes Street Gardens being one of them. Take a wander through the markets and have a glimpse at the stalls within. The stalls have products and recipes from all across the world making it a perfect opportunity to pick up some very original Christmas Gifts for all ages! 

christmas markets

Not to mention the many rides and attractions on offer this year! From the Balloon Ride to the Carousels. The Forth 1 Big Wheel to the Star Flyer they have something to offer anyone of any age!

some height

If you live in our Fanatastic city why not take advantage of your EH postcode and receive 20% off the rides and attractions! You can find out more information on Edinburghs Christmas at http://www.edinburghschristmas.com/#stq=&stp=1

This Sunday is Bonfire Night which means its time to gather all your family and friends to enjoy the beautiful firework displays from all across the world!


Where ever in the world you may be, dont miss out on the firework displays! Fantastic swirls and bursts of colour lighten up the winter night sky! In Edinburgh there are many displays for Bonfire Night. There is the SLA Fireworks Extravaganzas which are held on the 3rd and 5th of November. The Hopetoun House Fire & Ice on the 4th of November.

fireworks edinburgh 1

On the 5th of November Meadowbank Stadium will show their Firework display as they do every year. Launching hundreds of beautiful colours into the sky. And if you are in the outskirts of Edinburgh the Currie, Balerno & District firework display wil also be held on Sunday the 5th of November. You can find out information on these nights at- http://www.edinburghtourist.co.uk/bonfire-night/


You can also get brilliant views of the displays all over Edinburgh from Arthur Seat, Calton Hill and other areas of high ground! Whatever you decide to do this year for Bonfire night remember to be safe, wrap up, take lots of pictures, have fun and be safe!

Edinburghs "The Dome" has got its famous decorations up and running for this years Christmas Winterwonderland already, making our beautiful city even more beautiful than usual! In the run up to to saying goodbye to 2017 there are so many things to look forward to the Christmas Winterwonderland being one of them.


But lets not get ahead of ourselves. The next holiday to celebrate this year is Halloween and it is just around the corner!! Edinburgh is the perfect location for Halloween for mainly two reasons. Firstly, the Capital itself has quite a dark history. Even the cobbled streets, tight closes, historic architecture and Edinburgh Castle can give you a feel for what this iconic City once was. It is fair to say that Edinburgh has had its share of rogues and gruesome tales. Once the City of where Deacon William Broadie lived, who is thought to be the inspiration behind the prominent novel "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and also home to the notourious Burke and Hare. Edinburgh is full of history just going a walk threw the Royal Mile and Old Town you are literally standing on the grounds of so much more than just any City. If you fancy a more intricate tour to learn about the dark history of Edinburgh there are various companys that provide this sevrice for a suitable price. There is also a variety of tours you may go on, the underground tour is one of the most popular. You are provided with a spooky tour guide who makes the experience even more exhilarating, take you threw the old town threw the closes and wynds educating you at every moment and lastly you are shown to the underground vaults of Edinburgh. These vaults date back hundreds of years and back then this was an underground city. Your tour guide tells you of all the stories and former residents of the vaults. You are then free to explore the dark underground without your tour guide. It really is a fantastic experience and makes a brilliant memory for Halloween.

close scaryBurkeandhare

The second reason that makes Edinburgh the ideal location for Halloween is the events our City is hosting this year! There is something for everyone! For the kids there is plenty to offer from Halloween Cake decorating to a special Halloween trail through the Royal Botanic Garden not to mention various childrens parties! One thing Edinburgh is certainly known for is the night life which means there is just as much on offer this year for Adults. Watch this terrific City come alive as the daylight dies down. This Halloween Edinburghs Summerhall will be hosting a Massaoke Halloween Party for those who love both karaoke and Halloween - what a brilliant combination! There will also be a Game of Thrones night at Frankenstein Pub and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Brewhemia in The Old Town. This year Edinburgh has been chose for the world renowned Elrow Haunted House which will be an all day event at the Royal Highland Centre making it the biggest ever Elrow indoor event! Find out more on Halloween events in Edinburgh at -http://www.whatsoninedinburgh.co.uk/events/halloween/

kids halloweenred lips

What ever you do this year dress up and have fun! Make some unforgettable memories.

Take care, Evelyn.